“Fill Your Workshops, Retreats and Seminars… with EASE!”

THE #1 REASON workshop businesses fail is not due to lack of desire, talent or skill. It’s not due to having the wrong idea or offering. And it’s definitely not because someone lacks a big name, a big list, or a big idea.

The biggest reason workshop, retreat and seminar businesses don’t work all boils down to one thing… LOW EVENT ATTENDANCE!!

Most Workshop Leaders are passionate and skilled at what they do – they just don’t know how to FILL their events and programs. Filling Your Workshops, Retreats or Seminars is about to get a whole lot easier!

In our Magnetize Your Audience Program, you’ll learn the best, most cost-effective, most ethical ways to fill your live and virtual events, with your perfect clients… every single time!!

If you’re serious about filling your programs, and more importantly, about making a positive impact on your clients’ lives… you need a new approach.

In Magnetize your Audience, we guide you through creating Education Based Marketing (EBM) Campaigns that Pack Your Programs with Ease!

“Design Powerful Programs Every Single Time!”

AFTER POLLING THOUSANDS of program leaders, from multiple countries around the world, over the last decade, here’s what we’ve discovered…

…most Workshop Leaders are not deeply motivated to do what they do, strictly for the money!

What fuels Luminary Leaders long term in their workshop, retreat and seminar businesses is a deep desire to create programs that expertly serve their students and enact true transformation in the world.

Sadly, after over a decade in the event industry – we’ve found that most well-meaning Transformation Leaders are seriously under-equipped when it comes to creating products and programs that reliably accomplish this goal.

The #1 FACTOR that determines whether a program will enact significant, real-world transformation is the DESIGN of the Program!

The Materialize Your Programs system was designed by Callan Rush – a professional educator with degrees in psychology and education. It is comprehensive, research-based program – and will guide you through a systematic curriculum planning process

“Deliver Dynamite Programs That WOW Your Participants!”

THE #1 REASON potential clients will invest in your workshop, retreat or seminar is… YOU!

Who you are being from the front of the room is the often overlooked, yet essential ingredient to powerful programs, and a successful business. A well-designed program means very little if your DELIVERY is ineffective.

To achieve mastery in the realm of Delivery, you must reflect on all the ways you block your authentic expression, limit your power, and unconsciously disconnect from the people around you as you lead them.

Whether you are speaking one-on-one – or addressing hundreds from the stage – masterful Delivery is all about PRESENCE. And in Mesmerize Your Audience – you’ll dive deeply into the study and embodiment of Presence.

In the highly experiential LIVE Mesmerize your Audience program, you’ll learn all about the 5 Elements of Presence. They are Power, Voice, Humour, Body Language, and Vulnerability. You’ll discover where you currently lie on all 5 elements, and will be personally guided on how to embody each element more FULLY both on and off the stage.

“Craft Lucrative, Life-Changing, Irresistible Offers!”

IT DOESN’T MATTER IF you’ve packed your programs, filled your funnel, and created a large email list. If you don’t know how to make an irresistible offer that makes it easy for your ideal potential clients to say YES to your product, program or service…

…you won’t stay in business for long.

Most heart-based workshop, retreat and seminar leaders hate selling… and for good reason! We’ve all had slimy sales experiences – or been rudely imposed upon by sneaky telemarketers, over-eager retail clerks, or cheesy used car salesmen.

Here’s what you need to know. You can learn to sell in a way that feels great. Designing a life-changing, lucrative offer from stage is the same as designing good, solid program curriculum. That means, you need the two ‘D’s’! You need a solid structure (DESIGN) and you need to be able to articulate your offer artfully (DELIVERY). In Monetize Your Audience, we walk you through our proven process to do both!

In Monetize Your Audience, we’ll show you our proven method of designing and deliveringeducation-based offers that give a ton of value AND position the purchase of your product, program or service effortlessly. You’ll begin to make offers that not only have you (and your audience) feel great as you sell – but that will get a significantly enhanced financial result.

Monetize your Audience is the best ‘selling from stage’ program in the Industry. It’s about growing your business, generating revenue and more importantly, making a positive impact on as many people as possible. After all…Selling is Service, when it’s done right.

“Create a Reliable System for Ongoing, Passive Client Enrollment!”

One of the sad phenomenon’s rampant in the Workshop, Retreat and Seminar Industry is… BUSINESS OWNER BURNOUT.

Most Transformation Leaders work way too hard to reach their clients and live their mission. They spend countless hours in front of their computers creating content, many months of the year travelling and leading events, and even more time on business strategy, marketing and sales. And it wears them to the bone!

The good news is there’s a very simple way to avoid being another victim to burnout. It’s called… PASSIVE CLIENT ENROLLMENT. This is what Maximize Your Impact: Optimized Webinar Sequence is all about.

If you want to build a business that consistently grows, earns more income, and reaches more people each year without burning YOU out – you simply must learn to attract clients virtually. It’s the only intelligent way to scale.

In Maximize Your Impact, you’ll be guided to create your very own Optimized Webinar Sequence. Then, you’ll be shown how to send droves of ideal potential clients through it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Most Transformational Leaders start their business looking to serve Humanity. They deeply desire to help people, earn a great income, and have the freedom to do what they want… with whom.

Unfortunately, what most Transformation Leaders end up with is a lifestyle that supports their constant business activities – versus a business that supports their desired lifestyle.

The LEAP is our high-end, exclusive mentoring program for Transformational Leaders ready to Maximize their Income, Inspiration & Impact by creating a Multi-Million Dollar version of their business.

Led by our very own CEO, Justin Livingston, this program is designed to support you to take the leap from where you are now … into a completely other financial reality.

**Program registration is through application only.**

What Luminaries have to say

Eban Pagan

Justin is a genius when it comes to growing a business. He’s excellent at marketing and business strategy and thinks more upstream than anyone else.

Eban Pagan, Get Altitude, Digital Product Blueprint
Eban Pagan
Deborah Dubree

Callan’s clear content, vast knowledge and generosity in sharing both is refreshing. Plus, the power and authority of your delivery feels honest and easy to trust.

Deborah Dubree, Ultimate Experience Expert
Bill Baren

I’ve been masterminding with Justin for a couple of years. and I found him to be incredibly generous. He knows marketing and he knows systems.

Bill Baren, Visionary Alchemist, President & CEO
Bill Baren
Nathalie Chapron

Applying what I learned from Justin and Callan, I generated $56k in my first ever 3-Day Live Event!

Nathalie Chapron, Elite Image Consultant for Speakers

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