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Connection Is Key!

Have you ever been on-stage, in front of an audience… and you forgot what you were saying? Ugh… the dreaded nightmare of this profession! You know what I’m talking about… you go blank, then stare at the floor or up at the ceiling, trying desperately to remember what to say next. Of course, in that…

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Do You Ever Feel ‘Weird’ When You’re Selling? … Try This…

Selling from the stage can be very tricky at times. A lot of people can be really great when it comes to content but when it comes to the “offer” or the “sales pitch” part of their workshops, they start to tighten up… the audience tightens up and things go very bad, very quickly. So…

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Handle The Heckler!

Today’s tip has to do with the inevitable experience of having a “Heckler” in your audience. I have a very counter-intuitive way to ‘Handle the Heckler’… One of the things that I love to do if someone is calling out from the audience is actually get them a microphone. Generally speaking these people just want…

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How To Be Authentic on Stage

The truth of the day is I am GRUMPY. I am a little down, a little low energy and I’m feeling really grumpy… I am supposed to be shooting this marketing video and connecting with the camera and be positive and passionate… But I don’t feel like it today! This Workshop Wealth Tip is all…

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Resistance Is A Good Thing

This weeks Workshop Wealth Tip is all about resistance. You’ll always have some people at your workshops who are resistant at some level to what you’re offering. Maybe it’ll be as obvious as someone heckling you. That has happened to me, it’s kind of unnerving! Maybe it’ll be as subtle as someone looking sideways and…

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The #1 Tactic to Fill Your Next Workshop

The absolute easiest, fastest and cheapest way to fill your next workshop is to get up and speak at somebody else’s workshop! It’s kind of counter intuitive… fill your workshop by speaking at another one? To counter confusion, let’s call this tactic, “Book SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS.” Here are a few places you can go to speak:…

What Luminaries have to say

Eban Pagan

Justin is a genius when it comes to growing a business. He’s excellent at marketing and business strategy and thinks more upstream than anyone else.

Eban Pagan , Get Altitude, Digital Product Blueprint
Eban Pagan
Deborah Dubree

Callan’s clear content, vast knowledge and generosity in sharing both is refreshing. Plus, the power and authority of your delivery feels honest and easy to trust.

Deborah Dubree , Ultimate Experience Expert
Bill Baren

I’ve been masterminding with Justin for a couple of years. and I found him to be incredibly generous. He knows marketing and he knows systems.

Bill Baren , Visionary Alchemist, President & CEO
Bill Baren
Nathalie Chapron

Applying what I learned from Justin and Callan, I generated $56k in my first ever 3-Day Live Event!

Nathalie Chapron , Elite Image Consultant for Speakers

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