This weeks Workshop Wealth Tip is all about resistance. You’ll always have some people at your workshops who are resistant at some level to what you’re offering.

Maybe it’ll be as obvious as someone heckling you. That has happened to me, it’s kind of unnerving!

Maybe it’ll be as subtle as someone looking sideways and crossing their arms in the front row… they’re making you work for it.

Resistance comes in all sorts of styles and can manifest in all sorts of behaviors, but what you need to remember as the workshop facilitator is that resistance is not necessarily a bad thing.

And here’s why: often times resistance is just a sign that your information is starting to push up against some beliefs systems or some survival mechanisms that person has held on dearly to.

So you’re actually challenging a way of thinking, or feeling or believing that has been with them for many, many, many years…

So again it’s natural that they are going to go: wait a minute, this has worked for me for so long and now you’re asking me to let go of something that has kept me safe?

Be compassionate when people are resistant. Explore it, ask them more about it, give space for their resistance as opposed to being resistant to their resistance.

What I’ve also found in my over a decade of doing this and many many thousands of people is that often times if you are patient, if you are compassionate, if you are curious and you really open up the communication about what that resistance is about, your number one most resistant person in your audience will become your number one fan!

That’s my tip for this week. You’ll notice below this video there is a place for you to leave comments and questions so if you have any questions about how to handle a heckler or how to deal with resistance or what kinds of questions could be appropriate to ask to explore and open those channels. Go ahead and put them down there.

Until next time be brilliant!

Callan Rush xo

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