Selling from the stage can be very tricky at times. A lot of people can be really great when it comes to content but when it comes to the “offer” or the “sales pitch” part of their workshops, they start to tighten up… the audience tightens up and things go very bad, very quickly.

So here’s my tip for you:

What you want to do is make sure there is congruency between your content and your offer… which means that you’ve got to include valuable information right in the body of your offer.

Educate people right through to the end. Even if they don’t buy something from you, they will get something of value. This will help you relax, it will help your audience relax and I GUARANTEE it will help your conversion!

Below you’ll see a place to leave a comment. I’d love to hear your comments about what works well for you when you sell from the stage.

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by DonWagley on July 07, 2017

Hey I don’t get started selling until I get on stage, this is where I reach my selling power. I come from old school tellem what your going to tell’em tell’ em what you told them, ask for the order. Does that make sense to you? My product or service is the best! I want you or your company to have the best! I can show you how to sell more! I have done it, now on the sidelines wishing I was still in the tranches! By the as proof I called a number out of the Wall Street Journal cold, two years later I did an $25 Million Securitization with TiAA the worlds largest pool of money! You can do it! Don’t ever take no!

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Selling from the stage can be very tricky at times. A lot of people can be really great when it comes to content but when it comes to the “offer” or the “sales pitch” part of their workshops, they start to tighten up… the audience tightens up and things go very bad, very quickly. So…

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